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New Employer to LGPS?

This guide is for all employers, academies and admitted bodies who participate in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Pension Fund.

The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is a countrywide statutory scheme with each London Borough and County Council administering and managing a fund for local authorities and certain public bodies.

LGPS is a ‘Career Average Revalued Earnings’ (CARE) scheme, which means that benefits are a proportion of a member’s earnings for each year they are in the scheme, and each year it is revalued in line with Pensions Act increases. A career average scheme is still a defined benefit scheme so members are guaranteed a pension benefit on retirement.

If you are thinking of joining the LGPS or have already started the joining process, please read the following guides as an introduction to the LGPS and your role as an employer:

Members can find out more information on how the scheme works and how their benefits are built up on the LGPS member website.