Previous Pension

If you have a deferred pension with us and are rejoining the Fund, or have a deferred pension from membership of the LGPS with another Authority, you can link it to your current membership.

If you have a deferred refund from membership within LGPS, or you have a deferred pension from a concurrent employment, this will automatically be linked to your current membership.

Get more details from the Pensions Administration Team.

Other pension schemes

If you have benefits from other pension schemes you may be able to transfer them into the Fund.

You may be able to transfer benefits from:

• Previous employer's scheme
• Personal pension
• Stakeholder pension
• Free-standing AVC scheme
Any transfer payment received from a previous pension arrangement that does not participate in the Transfer Club will secure additional CARE pension in the Fund.

Transfers from other Public Service schemes, or schemes that participate in the Transfer Club, may secure additional pensionable service that would give final salary benefits or additional CARE pension, depending on the particular circumstances.

Lost track of benefits under a previous scheme?

If you have lost track of your benefits under a previous employer's scheme you can contact the Pension Tracing Service who will provide you with the address of the scheme administrators. They can be contacted at:

The Pension Service 9
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1LU
Telephone: 0345 6002 537


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