Opting out

It's such a great scheme we can't imagine why you'd want to opt out. But just in case you want to, here's how.

You can opt out of the Fund if you give us at least one month's notice. You will need to complete an opting out form.

Think carefully

Please consider the benefits you will be giving up very carefully before deciding to opt out, especially if you have dependents. You may want to take independent financial advice before making a decision.

If you do decide to opt out you will need to consider alternative arrangements for your retirement. You can also set up an individual arrangement such as a personal or stakeholder pension with an insurance company.

Your employer will not make contributions towards these pensions.


If you decide to opt out you will be entitled to the same benefits from the Fund as if you had left employment on the date of opting out. You will receive your pension benefits once you retire.


You may want to rejoin the Fund at a later date but will only be able to do so if:

• Your employer agrees
• You are in good health (we may require evidence)


Contact us

You can get in touch with us through
the following methods.

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+44114 452 5008 (overseas)
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